My Top Five Non-Aired TV Shows


Since I am in a reading slump, I thought I would do some random posts.

This list is my personal favourite TV series that have finished or cancelled. And the one that I love watching the most.

1. Gilmore Girls

I have been obsessed with Gilmore Girls since I watched the series on Nickelodeon (Only the first three series). Then I rediscovered them and became hugely obsessed with them. I loved Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel in the series, they were my favourite characters ever. I have the entire series and would always binge watch them.

2. Veronica Mars

I love Veronica Mars, I love her sass and her witty attitude. I was so upset when the series was cancelled but was very excited with thee movie was being made and also a book series.

3. Dollhouse

I have to admit that this is the only Joss Whedon series that I have watched completely. I love the concept of the series, was very gutted when this got cancelled, I would have loved another series but I did enjoy how they ended it. Also I love the ending on the finale episode, especially the song at the end before the credits.


I always seem to re-watch the show whenever I feel like it. I have never watched another Racing ranch themed TV series (I have watched a Heartland but I can catch up on that on Netflix). I liked how Kris was trying to cope life after being in prison and the dynamics of business and horse racing.

5.One Tree Hill

As a teenager, who did not love One Tree Hill. My sister and I both became obsessed with watching this series. I even got the box set series for my sister at Christmas and I enjoyed watching the series. Peyton was always my favourite character, she had an amazing taste of music and incredible artistic talents. 

Do you have a top 5? If so, let me know. Also you can recommend me any TV Non-aired Shows that you love. 

Thanks xx


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