Confession: I am in a reading slump

So it is already February.

Two days have past since lonely single times day (Valentines Day) and I have been sucked into the world of Netflix and drew myself into the glitz and glam of the Upper East Side. I am near the end of Season 4 of Gossip Girl and I can't seem to stop.

I haven't been reading as much books as I hoped I would be. I have at least 13 books that I haven't started and I am kicking myself (I am not that flexible). But I have been so concentrated on Netflix, that I have to schedule reading time and also time to spend on my online course. 

I hate myself for not reading but also I kind of not in the mood to read. At the moment, I am drinking tons of coffee(normal for me) and binge watching Gossip Girl. 

I don't think I can get out of a reading slump but I know that probably at the end of the month or after watching Gossip Girl, I will finally be able to get back to my reading self.

I also took some time organising my books and trying to put some books that I have recently read and included them on the display with the many trinkets that I have got. At the moment, the books on display are my favourites.


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