Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

Veronica Mars is an American TV series created by Rob Thomas. This show followed a 16 year old girl by the name of Veronica Mars (played by Kristen Bell). The show was set in the fictional own of Neptune, California. Her best friend, Lily Kane, was murdered when she was fifteen. At the time her father Keith Mars (played by Enrico Colantoni) was the Sheriff of Neptune but then lost his job when he was convinced that Lily's father had killed her. 

After that, her dad became a Private Investigator and Veronica spent most of her time there learning everything she knew. Veronica became obsessed over her best friends death and started searching her own answers through the case finding closure. During her Junior year, she was able to solve many cases revolving events happening at school, she was able to out smart the Sheriff of Neptune and was able to show no fear towards the 09ers. 

But she also made friends with the new boy Wallace, her best friend and source of info at times of need, Mac the tech genius and Weevil the leader of the PCH Biker Gang. 

The show only lasted for three seasons :( but with a little help called Kickstarter Rob Thomas was able turn Veronica Mars into a movie.

The movie picks up 10 years after Veronica left Neptune, she studied at Stanford, lives with Piz in New York and is applying to become a Lawyer. Until an old flame comes back in the picture asking for her help.

Now to the book.

The debut novel takes place right after the events from the Movie, Veronica moves back to Neptune and becomes a PI like her dad, Keith is temporary on rest after getting in an accident in the movie, Logan is out at sea, Mac quits Kane Software and Weevil returns to the PCH biker gang. 

At the very start of the book, a college girl goes missing during Spring Break, the police are not finding anything and Veronica has been personally asked to look into the case. But as soon as she starts looking for more info, another girl goes missing and someone from Veronica's past comes back to her. 


Since I missed the show it was nice to get back into the world of Neptune, California and catch up with Veronica and friends. I really liked catching up with old characters from the show like Norris Clayton, it took me a surprise from the name and I had to look him up until I knew for sure who he was. 

The structure of the story was so like how it used to be on the show and when it came down to the last couple of pages it went out in Veronica Mars style.


There were a few things that kind of bugged me about this book.

This book was written in third person, on the TV series it was always Veronica narrating because it was mostly about her and it was her story so I wasn't getting used to it.

This book actually took me a whole week to finish, at times I just wasn't in the mood for reading this book, it didn't get me interested as I thought it would but I really did miss Veronica.

I was also upset that we didn't get a lot more Logan and Weevil. I understood how Logan was off seas but I really wanted him to be included a lot more. And I was a little disappointed that Weevil only appeared only once in the book. I just wanted what it felt like when I watched the TV series, a lot of laughs and witty banter. 

Overall, this is a pretty decent debut novel. There are a few things that needed to work out a lot more and maybe change it into first person and not third. If you are a marshmallow and a fan of the TV series then you will enjoy reading this book. 

Hopefully soon I get the second book which will be released soon.

I thought I should mention. I am a huge Veronica Mars fan and this Christmas (2014) I received the entire series of Veronica Mars including the movie and I was super happy when I got it. I am a marshmallow!!

Thanks xx


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