Do you listen to music while you read?

So back when I was still at school or at college I would always read a book and listen to music on my iPod. I would do that on the bus, in my bedroom, in the car and sometimes on the toilet. 

But as much as you like listening to your music and read at the same time, you tend to get very weird combinations.

So when I first read Twilight(many years ago), I had gotten a movie soundtrack CD for my birthday and I would listen to that soundtrack while reading Twilight. The strange thing was, that CD was Step Up 2 The Streets Soundtrack (Crazy! I know). But the odd thing was, is that everytime I would think of a song from the soundtrack I will immediately think of Twilight Or if I pick up the book and start reading it, strangely 369 by Cupid ft B.O.B. would pop into my head. 7 years later, I think it is a ridiculous combination and I can't get rid of it.

So here is my two tips into creating a perfect music combination.

1. Movie Soundtracks. Not the ones with famous singers(That is distracting) but score music. Not only are you listening to music but you don't have to burst into song, there are so many movie score soundtracks that you can choose from. Personally I listen to any of the soundtracks from Studio Ghibli films, Joe Hisashi is a fantastic composer (very spine tingling)

2. Create your on playlist. If there are a couple of songs that you matches to the pace of the book or is great together. Think of this playlist as background music in a coffee shop, you are listening to music while you are loving the current book you are reading.

I hope you can take my advice into consideration, NEVER listen Step Up 2 The Streets while reading Twilight. 

Happy Reading :)


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