The Duff By Kody Keplinger

The Duff follows Bianca, she is this cynical and loyal friend, she is smart girl to not fall into the charms of Wesley Rush, she practically hates him but after discovering that she is The Duff between her friends, she isn't too happy. Also, things aren't going so well at home. Her Mum is leaving most of the time and her Dad is trying his best to be there for Bianca. 

I really like Bianca, she is this tough girl and a loyal friend. Feeling let down by the word Duff and escaping the drama that is in her family and the return of an ex into the arms of Wesley. I was very shocked that she would kiss him, I understood that she distracted herself from her ex and family through Wesley but obviously her relationship with her friends were very distant. And I also like, right near the end of the book, she realizes that Duff and Whore are just words, and that people say them because they want to make themselves feel better.

I love Jessica and Casey. Jessica is the ditsy and fun loving girl, she still loves her family and her brother. To me, she is this gullible girl but she also understands Bianca's feeling and how they are important. I am not to fond of Casey, she seemed to be a second mother to Bianca, I really didn't like how she kept asking so many questions to Bianca and that she wants Bianca to open herself a bit more. But I like how she is always there for her friend even though she doesn't like Wesley.

Wesley is the sort of popular good looking guy that you can watch him from a distance knowing he will never notice you. But he seemed to be completely different than you thought he was, his grandma disapproves his lifestyle and his parents are never there.

The drama with her parents, I didn't really like her mum, even though she was hardly there. Handing over the divorce papers to her dad was heartbreaking, even though her Dad has never had a drop of alcohol since Bianca was born and spiraling out was a surprise for her. 

This was a great book, I finished it in 3 days and was very sad when I finished it. I took an interest in this book because I saw the movie trailer and the story in the trailer is very different than the book and I am looking forward to watching it (if I can find it online). I got this book on Amazon and definitely recommend it.

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