The 100 and Day 21 by Kass Morgan


How are you?

It's been a while. Work has been super busy and I am hooked on a Korean Drama which I can't seem to stop watching.


Moving On


So I liked Clarke, she is very different to how Eliza Taylor plays her in the TV show. She takes care of the sick (she does that on the show) but also she doesn't become this fighting leader that we see on the show. Her harboring hatred over Wells was very clear to everyone, everyone hates the Chancellor's son and of course Clarke loved him but not anymore. 

I also liked Bellamy, he was a character that I really liked. He sort of became this hidden leader who would do anything possible to take care of his sister. Octavia seemed to me as this innocent girl in the book, she isn't tough that I knew from the show. I also liked Clarke and Bellamy's relationship in both books, the way how they came together and grew to share feelings for one another was nice.

Glass was a very interesting character, because her story was a complete surprise to me, her story of her love for a boy who wasn't part of that class was lovely, and the story of how she was contained was a big mystery and the reveal that she was pregnant was startling.


The way how the book was written was terrible, it seemed that time was the essence and it was a little rushed. Because the chapters were written from 4 different characters point of view, you kind of forget which character you are following. 

I also disliked Wells, he is dead on the show and perfectly understandable because he was basically a waste of space and pointless to be alive. (Enough said)

I am not quite sure if I recommend this book but if you are interested in the book, then take a peek. 

If there are any books that you would like to recommend, you can comment your thoughts below.

Thanks xx


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