Goodbye 2014

The end of the year, a farewell tribute to the good and the bad.

Say goodbye to 2014 because all the memories will be kept and hope to find more memories in 2015.

This year for me has been slow. I haven't accomplished anything that I set out at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, my main goal was to get back into the works that is teaching abroad. I wanted adventure and a chance to have fun. But most of my year was filled with work and watching TV shows online. I didn't even get back into the full swing of reading since I started this blog. 

For 2015, I have set new goals. mostly similar to the ones as last year but hopefully I can accomplish them.

So what are your new years resolutions, anything interesting or the same as last year.

I hope that you have a lovely new year and I shall see you all in my next post.

Thanks xx


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