Tiny Book Buy Haul

Basically I got paid (YAY!!!)

So I purchased some books.

Only a few. I didn't go crazy on the book buy but I am looking forward to reading them. 

So the first book I purchased is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella. I have been super super excited for this book to come out. Everyone in the blogging world knows Zoe and her blog and YouTube channel. Her career as a YouTuber is incredible and her journey to reach a huge following on her channel. I haven't started reading it yet but I will soon and I will definitely do a book review.

I am currently reading this book and I love it soo much. This is The 100 by Kass Morgan, this book is now a TV show in America with the same title with Eliza Taylor playing Clarke. I really like the show and did not know it was based off a book. I am only half way finished. I am not much into the Sci-fiction novels but this is a really good book.

I also purchased the second book in The 100 trilogy. This is The 100 Day 21. Basically it has been 21 days since the 100 have arrived on Earth.

Geek Girl by Holly Smale. I really like this front cover and I have also read a few reviews, so I am intrigued to reading this.

Now this last book I have been hearing really good reviews on it. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, I really like the art cover of this book. I have seen this book in many Book Hauls on YouTube, so hopefully soon I get to read this.

There is also another book that I have purchased but a catastrophe was caused when I received it. I saw the movie trailer called The Duff (The Designated Ugly Fat Friend) and thought I should buy this before I watch it (Probably get to watch it online because it might not release here in the UK). The book is by Kody Keplinger.

So what happened was, I ordered the book through Amazon, and I also purchased a book that I am giving to a friend for Xmas including a face mask container. The face mask leaked inside the package and damaged both books. So I asked for a replacement and I hope this arrives on Monday.

So that is my Tiny Book Buy Haul. Hopefully I get the chance to review these in the next coming days.

If there is a book that you would like to recommend. Please let me know.

Thanks xx


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