The Summer Trilogy By Jenny Han

So I did a book review from Jenny Han and now I have a new one.

The First book, The Summer I Turned Pretty was released in May 2009. This book follows Belly, every beginning of the summer she goes to a summer beach out in Cousins. She has always done this every single year and it seemed to be a tradition. She goes with her Mum and her other brother Steve. She shares this beach house with her mum's best friend, Susannah and her two sons. Conrad is the eldest and Jeremiah is the youngest. Belly has always had a crush on Conrad but it seems that Conrad is very distant and harsh towards Belly.

The Second book, It's Not Summer Without You was released in April 2010.
It is a year later after The Summer I Turned Pretty and a lot has changed. Belly loses the most important person in her life, Susannah dies from cancer and a lot changes after that. We look through flashbacks that Belly and Conrad dated each other but Conrad became mean to Belly and broke up with her *I am sensing a pattern*. Belly discovers that Conrad is missing and so she and Jeremiah go to the beach house to find him. 

The Final book in the Summer Series, We'll Always Have Summer was released in April 2011. 
Belly is is College now, she is now dating Jeremiah and she is happy. After the second book, Belly finally moves on from Conrad and a lot has changed from the last book. Jeremiah did a mistake and in order to for Belly to forgive him and move on, he proposes her and she says Yes. The trouble is, her mum is disapproved to the marriage and refuses to allow it to happen. Belly moves into the beach house in Cousins and the struggle with the wedding and also her feelings to Conrad resurface.

I really really really am in love with this series. I read these books in just 4 days and it was amazing. Now I purchased the book on amazon which you can find here. I got the 3 in 1 book as it was cheaper than buying all three.
I love Belly and how her character grew through the whole series, she started as this girl wanting to have fun in the beach house to a girl who is struggling with a death in the family and lastly to discover who she really wanted to be at the end.
I had a hatred for Conrad since the beginning of the book, he was so mean to Belly and obviously he was dealing with his mum's cancer and also her death in the second book. It felt that he wanted to do things by himself and not include Belly and his brother and obviously he regrets letting Belly go.

This book was so lovely to read and I had a fun time reading it.

If there are any books that you would like to recommend, please don't hesitate to comment. 

Thanks :)


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