Burn For Burn Trilogy by Jenny Han

This book series would have to be my favorite by Jenny Han. Also this book was written by Siobhan Vivian. 

Burn For Burn was released in September 2012. This book follows Mary, the shy new girl, Lilia the popular Asian cheerleader and Kat, the Rebel. All Three girls have one thing in common, they want revenge. Lilia used to trust boys but after what happened at the end of summer, she hates them and wants to protect her little sister from them. Ever since the beginning of High school, Kat has been over ridden of rumors from one of her oldest friends who abandoned her after the death of her mother. And Mary is haunted by the memory of a boy she liked, who bullied her until she tried to commit suicide.

Fire With Fire was released in August 2013. This second book gets heated up (Nice pun, Steph. Idiot.) After what happened at homecoming in the first book, Lilia and Kat try to move on and forget what happened. Mary still harbors her hatred over Reeve(the guy who bullied her and called her Big Easy because she was over-weight). The girls agree to continue the revenge plot on Reeve by using Lilia to make him fall in love with her and break his heart. But Mary didn't predict Lilia's feelings to Reeve.

This is the last and final book of the Burn Series. Ashes to Ashes was released in September 2014. After the death of Lilia's long time friend, Rennie. All three girls try to forget all the things that they have done, Lilia tries to move on by continuing her relationship with Reeve knowing it would hurt Mary's feelings, Kat and Lilia become closer and Kat tries to fit into Lilia's friends. But Mary has changed, Mary is still in this explosive rage over Reeve and has officially decided to kill Reeve once and for all. 

Now this book series is amazing. Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian did a fantastic job with this book series. I love the main characters Lilia, Kat and Mary but I also loved the sub-characters as well. This book had the similarity to Pretty Little Liars and Revenge into one. What I liked most was Lilia's relationship with Reeve, even though she was only doing it to break his heart but it felt that her feelings for him were honest and I really liked that we got to see a better side of Reeve through Lilia because in the first book he was a complete jerk. 
But what really erked me the most was the epilogue in Ashes to Ashes, with the aftermath of the ending (which was really really good btw), I was a little upset with it. I was happy that Kat left Jar Island to the busy streets of New York and that Lilia moving on with Alex was sweet but I have been rooting for Reeve and Lilia to end up together. It was a little disappointing. I won't reveal what happened to Mary, you just have to buy the book and find out.

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