Yankee Candle Loves

If you can't tell from above I really love candles, especially Yankee Candle. 

Since Autumn has approached and the sun sets after 6.30 here in the UK, I have been lighting my candles in my bedroom.

I love the light that you get from candles it makes you feel warm and cozy. It is slightly difficult to read under candle light but I like it. 

So I got my candles at Clinton's in my home town, Salisbury. The prices on the Yankee Candle website for the tea lights are about £6.99 and the ones I have purchased are less due to sale. 

So the first candle I used was the Lovely Kiku and they have this fresh floral scent. This scent would have smelt lovely in the spring and beginning of the summer. I really loved the scent.

I then tried out the Black Coconut and the smell was beautiful, the scent reminded me of a tropical island with a nice pina colada.

Salted Caramel, holy mother of joy. This scented candle smells amazing. This smell has the lush scent of caramel and melted chocolate. I have only lit one tea light and my entire room smelled of Salted Caramel and I am saving it for a rainy day. 

Amber Moon, now I haven't lit this candle due to the fact that I don't want to, not yet. I am crazy in love with this smell. It smells really fresh and the scent of patchouli and sandalwood is amazing.  This candle is from the Indian Summer collection and I favor this scent over the rest. I don't want to use it because I don't want it to go away. 

Strawberry Butter cream, this scent is lovely. This candle has a beautiful fresh baking scent, it is like what a beautiful Victoria sponge cake would smell of. I really like this smell but it is such a faint scent when lit.

And lastly, Snowflake Cookie. I like this smell, it smells of baked cookies or gingerbread. This is from the Christmas collection and I really like this smell but I am not to fond of it. When I first smelt it in the shop, I thought it would smell really nice in my bedroom but as time went by, the scent was too much and I didn't like it.

These are the only candles that I have purchased so far and I intended to purchase more. I love Yankee Candle and their candles, their scents are so lovely and beautiful. The only downfall I have with Yankee Candle is the tea lights. Every single tea light burns really well but when the candle reaches near to the bottom of the tea light leaving half a centimeter of wax left and I re-light the candle the next day, the wick burns too quickly and the wax at the bottom of the tea light is untouched. 

No one has asked me to write a review for this, this is my personal opinion. If you like these scents then go try them out and I expect you to probably love them as much as myself. I just love candles and I hope you love Yankee Candle as much as I do.

Thanks xx

P.S. The Owl and the Butterfly glass tea light holders are from NEXT. The Lantern is an old tea light holder that I purchased at a shop that closed down about a year ago and the other tea light holder is from an Asian market in my home town. :)


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