To All the Boys I've Loved Before By Jenny Han

I totally loved this book, this book is so light-hearted, funny and sweet all into one. 

This book totally captured my attention in the bookshop. The story of how a girl, Lara Jean, wrote letters to boys that she ever had crushes on throughout her life have suddenly been sent out and the boy she likes notices her and everything is turning upside down. 

Lara Jean is the middle sister of the Song sisters, her big sister Margot is about to leave to Scotland for college leaving Lara Jean taking over the mother role. Their mother died before the girls became teenagers and Margot stepped in. Margot also has a boyfriend who Lara also has a crush on, but Margot breaks up with him due to the fact that she is going away. When Lara discovers that the letters have been sent, she tells Josh *Margots ex-boyfriend* that she is dating someone else. Lara asks a guy from her year Peter *who also received a letter by her* to pretend to be her boyfriend and he agrees. 

Peter is a cheeky guy who totally respects Lara and why she is doing it, but he is also trying to get out of a relationship and Lara is afraid to confront his ex. Peter was with a girl named Genevieve and all three of them were friends until it stopped. Lara explains about the rumors about their relationship and how Genevieve is very jealous of the relationship. At the beginning I thought Peter was doing this to get back together with Genevieve and I felt sorry for Lara because she felt jealous of their relationship. 

Lara has always admitted to Peter that she loves Josh but knowing the fact that he loves Margot and not her, she thought that avoiding the situation would sweep away but throughout the book you could tell that Josh was noticing Lara a bit more. 

I was impressed with myself as well, I read this book for three hours straight and I don't remember doing that since college. This was one of the best factors of reading, you are sucked into the story and forget that time has flown by. I think that is one of the reason why I love holding a book than a reading from a tablet, it is so nice to look at the side of the book to see how much of the book you have read and not that much far to go.

What I also loved about this book is that the author is Asian and I have never found an Asian author before and I am so glad that I found Jenny Han. Great Book, Great Read and only £5.24 on Amazon and £5.99 in Waterstones.

I am also purchasing Jenny Han's Summer series and Burn for Burn series and I am looking forward to in.

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Thanks xx


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