The Truth About Forever By Sarah Dessen

So a couple of post ago, I wrote a review for Just Listen. This book, The Truth About Forever is by the same author Sarah Dessen.

This story follows Macy, who was a terrific runner at school until she quit running after her Dad's passing. After that Macy focused mostly on her studies and never talked about it. Her boyfriend goes off to Brain Camp *a very odd name for camp* while she takes over his job at the Library during the summer, with the struggle of communication at work. She tells her boyfriend about it and also slips out that she loves him, only to be rejected.

Macy discovers a catering company called WISH after they catered at an event her mother organised. She then applies for a job and succeeds. She then meets the rest of the catering family including an artist, Wes who wields metal and other old used metals to make sculptures. Macy is starting to get back to who she was before until her mother disagrees on her job and her relationship with Wes. Macy still struggles with her father's death but she is able to talk about him and still smile.

I had a lot of fun reading it and more specifically the games that Macy and Wes play when they are together. They play a game called TRUTH and the only thing that they have to do in tell the truth. And along the way, they grow to being friends until they both care for one another. Not only do I like Macy and Wes, I also like the supporting characters, they make this book really enjoyable to read and how they interact with Macy is quite fun, there personalities are the ones that make Macy smile *I think*.

This is a really good book and the book is £5.99 on Amazon, so check it out and buy one.

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