The Snowman by Joe Nesbo

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So since Autumn or Fall is approaching, I thought I would do a book review that is worth curling up by the fire with your favorite blanket.

Joe Nesbo is a Norwegian author and his books are considered similar to The Millennium Trilogy from Steig Larson. This book is a crime novel so if you are not interested in descriptive detail deaths in this book then I apologize in advanced.

Nesbo's books follow a respected Detective named Harry Hole. Hole is a good cop but most of the time follows a lead in his own way, he has a problem with authority and is considered a celebrity throughout the entire department, he also has a drinking habit.

In this book a serial killer is killing off women. This is the first serial killer Harry has come across and he doesn't like it.

This book completely drew me in with the title and the reason why the book is called The Snowman has to do with his past and most specifically his mother. The serial killer is killing women off in the winter and using snow to use it to his name. It makes me feel sick that a man would do this because he hated it and wanted to punish them in his grotesque way.

I don't tenderly read alot of crime novels but I would have to admit that I enjoy reading Nesbo's work. All of his book that I have got are great and I thoroughly enjoy reading them.

This book is a great read and I loved reading it, the serial killer story line was very interesting and intriguing but also Harry as well, you are following a journey through him and his struggles in his romantic and family life as well as his job. Harry has a hatred over people telling him what to do, he prefers to take the lead which what makes him a legend.

I couldn't put this book down and I really enjoyed it. And after that I started a collection of all of his other books and loved his books even more.

This book is so compelling from start to finish and  a great read. If you haven't read it, I strongly recommend reading it.

I hope you like my review and any book recommendations you can comment below

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