Snack Time!!

Asian Snacks!! 

I love Asian snacks, this is my childhood in front of me. 

Asian snacks will always be a my favorite thing to eat as they are yummy and they never leave the house *because they are in my stomach. Guilty*

So I am going to talk about the some of the Asian snacks that I have had throughout my life.

No. 1 Choco Pie

A biscuit with marshmallow in the middle.


 This is the most yummiest snack ever, It is two soft biscuits with a layer of marshmallow in the middle and covered in chocolate. There are six in a box which is perfect for school lunches. 

No.2 Hello Panda

Hello Panda biscuits are the best. They are mini biscuits with chocolate filling, they also have a panda print on the outer shell and they are cute *Asians like Pandas*.

No 3. Thai Crispy Rolls

These are the most addictive Asian snack I have come across. This is a long rolled up biscuit with blacks seed on the outer circle and truly the yummiest crispy rolls ever. I love these too much and I seem to keep thinking about them because they are addictive. 

No one has asked me to write a review this is my person love of these snacks. You can find them in Asian markets and there are other Asian snack that you can try out.

Thank you so much.



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