Lola and the Boy Next Door By Stephanie Perkins

So I took a trip to Waterstones and I couldn't resist and purchase some books. So in this blog I will be reviewing Lola and the Boy Next Door.

This book really captured my attention. The story follows Lola, who parents don't agree with her relationship with a guy who is too old for her and she feels that her parents are judging more on the age than the relationship. I really liked Max, a very nice older boyfriend who is caring and sweet. Then there is the guy next door Cricket. Lola and Cricket have known each other since they were children and they also had their first kiss together (cute huh), but the only obstacle in there way is Cricket's twin sister Calliope. Calliope is a professional figure skater and she works really hard on it but it seems that she is the star of the family which drives the family away from their home leaving Lola alone.

Lola discovers that the family has returned and so has Cricket, throughout seeing each other (whenever they are in the same state) Lola and Cricket always knew that they liked each other but Cricket never said the words. But as She is with Max, she feels that she has nothing to worry about until Cricket admits his feelings her her (yikes).

Now I really liked this book, it was completely not what I thought would happen. Her parents trust in Max was understandable but to me I would never thought a parent would ask their daughter to call every hour with her boyfriend, it seemed a bit to far fetch and the fact that they trusted Cricket than Max was probably a big kick in the gut for Lola. Even though throughout the book you could tell that Lola decided not telling Max about Cricket was probably her fault but if I were Lola, I would probably do the same because why would you talk to your current boyfriend about a guy that you loved ever since you were a child, it would lead to a big complication.

The one person that I had found annoying or just 110% hated was the devils mind of Calliope, she deviled her way into her brothers happiness and crushed into a million pieces. The thing is, she is a figure skater so she doesn't have a lot of friends, just competition and when she saw Cricket hanging out with Lola, she lied and schemed to stop it. It's understandable because her only friend is her twin brother and but the way how jealousy took over, it seemed a little childish.

I enjoyed this book and I loved Lola and Cricket, their story of their life together is cute. Now I didn't know that this book was a book series. Stephanie Perkins also wrote two other books in the series, Anna and the French Kiss and Isla and the Happily Ever After, I didn't realize until later that this book is the second book of the series (whoops)

This book is £6.99 in Waterstones and you can find this book in the teenage fiction section.

This is a good book and totally worth recommending.

Thanks xx


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