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Snack Time!!

Asian Snacks!! 
I love Asian snacks, this is my childhood in front of me. 
Asian snacks will always be a my favorite thing to eat as they are yummy and they never leave the house *because they are in my stomach. Guilty*
So I am going to talk about the some of the Asian snacks that I have had throughout my life.
No. 1 Choco Pie

A biscuit with marshmallow in the middle.

This is the most yummiest snack ever, It is two soft biscuits with a layer of marshmallow in the middle and covered in chocolate. There are six in a box which is perfect for school lunches. 
No.2 Hello Panda

Hello Panda biscuits are the best. They are mini biscuits with chocolate filling, they also have a panda print on the outer shell and they are cute *Asians like Pandas*.
No 3. Thai Crispy Rolls

These are the most addictive Asian snack I have come across. This is a long rolled up biscuit with blacks seed on the outer circle and truly the yummiest crispy rolls ever. I love these too much and I seem to keep thinking about them be…

To All the Boys I've Loved Before By Jenny Han

I totally loved this book, this book is so light-hearted, funny and sweet all into one. 

This book totally captured my attention in the bookshop. The story of how a girl, Lara Jean, wrote letters to boys that she ever had crushes on throughout her life have suddenly been sent out and the boy she likes notices her and everything is turning upside down. 

Lara Jean is the middle sister of the Song sisters, her big sister Margot is about to leave to Scotland for college leaving Lara Jean taking over the mother role. Their mother died before the girls became teenagers and Margot stepped in. Margot also has a boyfriend who Lara also has a crush on, but Margot breaks up with him due to the fact that she is going away. When Lara discovers that the letters have been sent, she tells Josh *Margots ex-boyfriend* that she is dating someone else. Lara asks a guy from her year Peter *who also received a letter by her* to pretend to be her boyfriend and he agrees. 

Peter is a cheeky guy who totally resp…

The Truth About Forever By Sarah Dessen

So a couple of post ago, I wrote a review for Just Listen. This book, The Truth About Forever is by the same author Sarah Dessen.

This story follows Macy, who was a terrific runner at school until she quit running after her Dad's passing. After that Macy focused mostly on her studies and never talked about it. Her boyfriend goes off to Brain Camp *a very odd name for camp* while she takes over his job at the Library during the summer, with the struggle of communication at work. She tells her boyfriend about it and also slips out that she loves him, only to be rejected.

Macy discovers a catering company called WISH after they catered at an event her mother organised. She then applies for a job and succeeds. She then meets the rest of the catering family including an artist, Wes who wields metal and other old used metals to make sculptures. Macy is starting to get back to who she was before until her mother disagrees on her job and her relationship with Wes. Macy still struggles wit…

Lola and the Boy Next Door By Stephanie Perkins

So I took a trip to Waterstones and I couldn't resist and purchase some books. So in this blog I will be reviewing Lola and the Boy Next Door.

This book really captured my attention. The story follows Lola, who parents don't agree with her relationship with a guy who is too old for her and she feels that her parents are judging more on the age than the relationship. I really liked Max, a very nice older boyfriend who is caring and sweet. Then there is the guy next door Cricket. Lola and Cricket have known each other since they were children and they also had their first kiss together (cute huh), but the only obstacle in there way is Cricket's twin sister Calliope. Calliope is a professional figure skater and she works really hard on it but it seems that she is the star of the family which drives the family away from their home leaving Lola alone.

Lola discovers that the family has returned and so has Cricket, throughout seeing each other (whenever they are in the same stat…

Yankee Candle Loves

If you can't tell from above I really love candles, especially Yankee Candle. 
Since Autumn has approached and the sun sets after 6.30 here in the UK, I have been lighting my candles in my bedroom.
I love the light tha

Music Loves of September

So I thought I would change up a little bit and talk about my favorite music that I have been listening to recently.

WARNING! I do have a mixed taste in music, Sometimes I listen to the top hits, sometimes I listen to K-pop and sometimes I find music that no one else listens to.

I hope you enjoy :)

1. All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor.
  I am obsessed with this song, I really really enjoy it. The tune is amazing and the lyrics are so catchy. I could listen to this song all day and not get fed up of it. The message from this song is important, you are beautiful no matter who else says. And also a great song for her first debut. Well done Meghan!! :)

2. Don't Touch Me by Ailee.

 Ailee is one of my most favorite Korean singers ever. Her voice is amazing and her songs are amazing as well. This song shows her amazing vocal range and the lyrics are very easy to sing alone. If you have not seen any of Ailee's live performances, you have to see it. Especially her cover of I Will Al…

The Snowman by Joe Nesbo

Hey Guys and Gals,

So since Autumn or Fall is approaching, I thought I would do a book review that is worth curling up by the fire with your favorite blanket.

Joe Nesbo is a Norwegian author and his books are considered similar to The Millennium Trilogy from Steig Larson. This book is a crime novel so if you are not interested in descriptive detail deaths in this book then I apologize in advanced.

Nesbo's books follow a respected Detective named Harry Hole. Hole is a good cop but most of the time follows a lead in his own way, he has a problem with authority and is considered a celebrity throughout the entire department, he also has a drinking habit.

In this book a serial killer is killing off women. This is the first serial killer Harry has come across and he doesn't like it.

This book completely drew me in with the title and the reason why the book is called The Snowman has to do with his past and most specifically his mother. The serial killer is killing women off in the wi…