Where Rainbow Ends

So since it is near the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn, I thought I would write about a book that I recently read during the summer.

So recently I saw the film trailer Love, Rosie starring Lilly Collins and it was based of a book called Where Rainbow Ends. The Author is Cecelia Ahern, an Irish Author who also wrote P.S. I Love You with the film also starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.

I was very interested in the story as it was two best friends, Rosie and Alex, and it was their friendship together and apart. The book is written through exchange of e-mails, letters, instant messaging and text messaging and I couldn't put it down. I really loved the book, there were tons of funny moments and moments where I cried (I am an emotional person).

The book was a very good read and I would definitely recommend to people who are interested in these sort of stories.

The book very much starts off when Rosie invites Alex to her 7th birthday, and they go through many obstacles. Rosie's pregnancy at 16, Alex moving to the USA, Alex gets married, Rosie gets married, Alex becoming a dad as well as getting divorced, Rosie's divorce and Alex re-marries. Through out the years they have admitted to have feelings for one another to friends but obviously something keeps blocking them in way (AKA Jealous spouses).

Their relationship is so sweet and very funny, to know that they can be childish to one another and still care for them is amazing, and that they will always be friends, it just makes me love this book even more. 

This book is a good book to take on holiday, spending some time in the sun, relaxing in the garden and curled up on the sofa. 

I hope you guys like my review and I hope to do more book reviews. If you have any suggestions of what I should read, or what is good to read. Send a comment. Thanx xx


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