The Kemball Theatre tribute

About two years ago, I completed three years at Brockenhurt College in Lyndhurst. At the time, I thought there was no way for me to return back into education but two years later, it wasn't for education. 

Two month ago, I heard to most devastating news that completely shocked me. My drama teacher who had taught me for two years of my three years time at college past away in his sleep. I couldn't believe it, I thought this wasn't possible. This man taught me everything and he was taken away. 

At the beginning of the year, I was informed that he was diagnosed with cancer and everyone (including myself) believed that he was going to beat this cancer and be alright. 

A lot of people came to his funeral and said goodbye to a man who touched every single one of us and has made everyone laugh with his honesty and his filthy mind. He was a very serious man when it came to acting, he had previous experience before, most of us had seen the pictures of him when he was young. 

Last week I went to back to college for the theatre opening in name of my drama teacher. There were alot of laughs with the stories that was spoken at the tribute and alot of people filled the room. The college wanted to pay tribute to him and re-name the sidings theatre (where I was taught by him mostly) to the Kemball Theatre.

This man made me believe that anything was possible if you stick to it, you would get there. I am still sadden by the loss and I keep thinking that he would be yelling at me, to forget about him and get your lazy butt off the chair and do something useful. 

He was a man who would outshine anyone on stage and he was a friend.

I will miss him but he would never be forgotten in my mind.

Thanks xx


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