Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

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I apologize for not posting anything in the last couple of days. Work has been super crazy and the mid-season sale is approaching this weekend at NEXT (I had to get up a 5am yesterday morning to start my shift at 6.30, walking to work at night :/ and I was super tired when I got home.)

So I was looking through my mini version library in my tiny room and I thought I would do a review of a book that I have had since I was 15 years old.

The picture above is only a third of all the books I have in my tiny little room and the amount of books I actually have, I really want a bigger bedroom. 

Just Listen is by an American Author Sarah Dessen. Sarah is one of my most favorite authors ever and I have at least all of her books. She writes stories about girls in High School and dealing with being a teenager. Her books are also set in her hometown where she grew up. 

Just Listen is about a teenage model Annabel, who's life in the public seems fine but no one knows when the doors are closed. After one summer, she loses all her friends and becomes lonely. She meets Owen who goes to anger management and loves Techno music. Annabel and Owen share a great bond but when something happens to one of the girls that she was friends with, she is confronted with her past and severs the bond with Owen because she is afraid. 

I seriously fell in love with this book, the story about Annabel's fear of confrontation really interested me, she wanted out of the modeling but doesn't want to disappoint her mother and with everything that happened in the summer she doesn't want to remember, she is afraid to speak the truth. 

The relationship between Annabel and Owen is really sweet, they both understand each other and grew to care for one another. 

I really loved this book back when I was 15 and I still love it today as a 21 year old. Sarah Dessen is a fantastic author and truly one of my favorites and I hope you guys could give her a chance. 

This book at £7.99 in your local bookshop or £5.59 on Amazon. 

I hope you guys like my review, if there are any books you would like to recommend, write a comment below.

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