Homemade Fried Rice


When you want something quick and easy to make and the best food you can cook for yourself or some friends would be fried rice.

Now I have had fried rice since I talk, as an Asian you are surrounded with many types of food and strange smells (I hate the smell of ginger YUCK!) but if you know how to cook fried rice then obviously there is a strong smell. It's hard to describe but it is probably the mix between egg and seasoning.


Fish Sauce
Thai Soy Sauce

(You can also add other ingredients to however your preference like, peas, pecan nuts, chicken, pork, duck etc)

You can get the sauces at an Asian market and not at your local store (the pic below is the one I used in this recipe. Notice the Soy Sauce is Thin Soy Sauce it is because it is a Thai brand)

1. So the first thing your have to do is to cook your rice, if your have a rice cooker that is awesome but if you don't, there are many other ways to cook rice so I don't know how to cook rice on a hob so I used my rice cooker. You would need a cup and a half of rice( depending on the people who you are cooking for or one cup for yourself) and water. Make sure that all the rice is covered in water. The process takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Once your rice is cooked, put it on a plate and leave it to the side, while it cools off.

3. Now, you need either a frying pan (a big one) or if you have one, a Wok.

4. Oil your pan and turn on the heat. By that time you would have to cut up small pieces of bacon. Place the bacon in the pan. (As seen below)

(Note: while the bacon is being cooked, you will see water, you HAVE to continue cooking the bacon until all the water is gone. It is a long process, but you should.)

5. Once the bacon is cooked at the all the water is gone. Now is the time to put your eggs in the pan. 

6. Now cook the eggs until it is sort of like scrambled eggs and when it is roughly cooked, put the rice in.
7. Mix the egg and rice together. And then put the bacon back into the pan and mix again.

8. Now for the sauces. Put only a little of Fish Sauce and a little of Soy Sauce and mix.

9. Done. You have successfully completed your first ever homemade fried rice.

I hope you liked my post.

Thanx xxx


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