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Goodbye 2014

The end of the year, a farewell tribute to the good and the bad.
Say goodbye to 2014 because all the memories will be kept and hope to find more memories in 2015.
This year for me has been slow. I haven't accomplished anything that I set out at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, my main goal was to get back into the works that is teaching abroad. I wanted adventure and a chance to have fun. But most of my year was filled with work and watching TV shows online. I didn't even get back into the full swing of reading since I started this blog. 
For 2015, I have set new goals. mostly similar to the ones as last year but hopefully I can accomplish them.
So what are your new years resolutions, anything interesting or the same as last year.
I hope that you have a lovely new year and I shall see you all in my next post.
Thanks xx

Christmas Presents 2014

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein
Hello All,
So Christmas was a couple of days ago (you knew that. Of course you knew that, silly me)
So I wanted to show you what I received this year.

The Complete Tales by Beatrix Potter. I love the dust cover, it's so cute.

Yankee Candle Votive. Beautiful smells. I got Wild Fig. Sugared Apple, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Eve, 3X Spiced Apple (I am obsessed with this smell), Mandarin Cranberry and 2X Black Coconut.

A Nutella jar with my name on it. Ahhhhhh!!

An adorable owl tea light.

My most amazing prezzie. Meet Lenny, my Lenovo laptop.

Some Lush bath stuff. I got Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar and Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb.

I love this prezzie ever. Veronica Mars TV Series and Movie. I am obsessed with this TV show and I was upset when the show was cancelled. I was super happy when they were planning on making a movie. 

December 2014 Book Haul

Another Book Haul.
It's a lot more than the last one.

John Constantine Hellblazer Original Sins Book 1 (Right). £14.99. A collection of the first 9 comics in the Hellblazer series and 2 extra comics from Swamp Thing introducing John Constantine.
The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo (Top of the pile) £7.99. Published August 2013. Follows a girl who becomes a bride to a deceased son of a rich family only to be drawn to the afterlife. 
Everneath by Brodi Ashton (2nd in pile) £6.99. Published January 2012. Nikki Beckett has only 6 months to say goodbye to her family, friends and boyfriend until she is sucked back into the Everneath. (Also the front cover is beautiful)
The Selection by Kiera Cass (3rd) £7.99. Published April 2012. America Singer does not want to be selected but questions it all when she meets Prince Maxon. (I have seen this book floating around Booktubers and thought I should give it a go)
The Shakespeare Curse by J.L Carrell (4th) £6.99. Published January 2010. Kate Stanley is i…

The Duff By Kody Keplinger

The Duff follows Bianca, she is this cynical and loyal friend, she is smart girl to not fall into the charms of Wesley Rush, she practically hates him but after discovering that she is The Duff between her friends, she isn't too happy. Also, things aren't going so well at home. Her Mum is leaving most of the time and her Dad is trying his best to be there for Bianca. 
I really like Bianca, she is this tough girl and a loyal friend. Feeling let down by the word Duff and escaping the drama that is in her family and the return of an ex into the arms of Wesley. I was very shocked that she would kiss him, I understood that she distracted herself from her ex and family through Wesley but obviously her relationship with her friends were very distant. And I also like, right near the end of the book, she realizes that Duff and Whore are just words, and that people say them because they want to make themselves feel better.
I love Jessica and Casey. Jessica is the ditsy and fun loving girl…

Girl Online By Zoe Sugg

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
I was really excited when I heard about this book. I have been a fan of her blog and Youtube channel since the beginning of the year. And as a book lover I was really excited when this came out. 
Her debut novel follows a girl, Penny. She lives in Brighton and own's an anonymous blog called Girl Online, where she writes about embarrassing moments and her life problems. Her parents are given the chance to plan a wedding in New York, so Penny joins her parents to the Big Apple with her Best Friend, who she then meets a musician, Noah. He is a big mystery until her life unravels before her eyes.
I really liked the concept of the story, a girl who meets a boy in New York and falls in love with him. Penny and Noah are adorable together. 
What I liked the most was Penny facing her fears over he oldest and meanest friend Megan (I prefer Mega-Bitch). Mega-Bitch was being harsh and mean to her friend and expect Penny to come running whenever she wants. I like how …

The 100 and Day 21 by Kass Morgan

How are you?
It's been a while. Work has been super busy and I am hooked on a Korean Drama which I can't seem to stop watching.
Moving On

So I liked Clarke, she is very different to how Eliza Taylor plays her in the TV show. She takes care of the sick (she does that on the show) but also she doesn't become this fighting leader that we see on the show. Her harboring hatred over Wells was very clear to everyone, everyone hates the Chancellor's son and of course Clarke loved him but not anymore. 
I also liked Bellamy, he was a character that I really liked. He sort of became this hidden leader who would do anything possible to take care of his sister. Octavia seemed to me as this innocent girl in the book, she isn't tough that I knew from the show. I also liked Clarke and Bellamy's relationship in both books, the way how they came together and grew to share feelings for one another was nice.
Glass was a very interesting character, because her story w…

Tiny Book Buy Haul

Basically I got paid (YAY!!!)
So I purchased some books.
Only a few. I didn't go crazy on the book buy but I am looking forward to reading them. 

So the first book I purchased is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella. I have been super super excited for this book to come out. Everyone in the blogging world knows Zoe and her blog and YouTube channel. Her career as a YouTuber is incredible and her journey to reach a huge following on her channel. I haven't started reading it yet but I will soon and I will definitely do a book review.

I am currently reading this book and I love it soo much. This is The 100 by Kass Morgan, this book is now a TV show in America with the same title with Eliza Taylor playing Clarke. I really like the show and did not know it was based off a book. I am only half way finished. I am not much into the Sci-fiction novels but this is a really good book.

I also purchased the second book in The 100 trilogy. This is The 100 Day 21. Basically it has been 21 …

Grace's Guide The Art Of Pretending To Be An Adult By Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is a very popular American YouTuber, She records videos in her own home and makes fun of herself and other people(in a straight face).
I have been of a fan of her channel for not that long and I really like her sense of humor, a lot of confusion on her face and I really love her channel.
Her book is a healthy guide of tips on what to do if you are in need of help. Like how to host an adult party, how to do an interview and lots more. These tip are so hilarious, the pictures in the book are very funny so you are constantly entertained at every page you turn, the pages are colourful and over all a fantastic book. 
You can get this book on Amazon or any bookshop. 
*no one has asked me to write a review. This is my own opinion*

Book Series That I Have Read And Won't Buy

So I was searching Book Tubers videos and I discovered a video called Series I Won't Finish. This is by the Youtuber ReadByZoe and it was a very interesting video. 
She basically explains that she purchased some books from a series and explains why she stopped buying them.
So I will be doing something else. Before I got a job, I always went to my school Library (OMG they still exist!!) and I borrowed lots and lots of books. The truth is, I borrowed these books due to browsing but I realized that after reading them in a series I didn't want to spent too much money on a book series that I would never read again.
I'll explain. So you buy a book and you read it, you found it really good and add that book into your book collection but the truth is you haven't picked up that book since you finished reading it. While your always going to be buy books, that one book that you read years and years ago is now collecting dust and tiny spiders (I once found a spider crawling on the si…

Burn For Burn Trilogy by Jenny Han

This book series would have to be my favorite by Jenny Han. Also this book was written by Siobhan Vivian. 

Burn For Burn was released in September 2012. This book follows Mary, the shy new girl, Lilia the popular Asian cheerleader and Kat, the Rebel. All Three girls have one thing in common, they want revenge. Lilia used to trust boys but after what happened at the end of summer, she hates them and wants to protect her little sister from them. Ever since the beginning of High school, Kat has been over ridden of rumors from one of her oldest friends who abandoned her after the death of her mother. And Mary is haunted by the memory of a boy she liked, who bullied her until she tried to commit suicide.

Fire With Fire was released in August 2013. This second book gets heated up (Nice pun, Steph. Idiot.) After what happened at homecoming in the first book, Lilia and Kat try to move on and forget what happened. Mary still harbors her hatred over Reeve(the guy who bullied her and called her Bi…

The Summer Trilogy By Jenny Han

So I did a book review from Jenny Han and now I have a new one.

The First book, The Summer I Turned Pretty was released in May 2009. This book follows Belly, every beginning of the summer she goes to a summer beach out in Cousins. She has always done this every single year and it seemed to be a tradition. She goes with her Mum and her other brother Steve. She shares this beach house with her mum's best friend, Susannah and her two sons. Conrad is the eldest and Jeremiah is the youngest. Belly has always had a crush on Conrad but it seems that Conrad is very distant and harsh towards Belly.

The Second book, It's Not Summer Without You was released in April 2010. It is a year later after The Summer I Turned Pretty and a lot has changed. Belly loses the most important person in her life, Susannah dies from cancer and a lot changes after that. We look through flashbacks that Belly and Conrad dated each other but Conrad became mean to Belly and broke up with her *I am sensing a patter…

Splurge from Pay Day

So Last week I was paid from work and I didn't hesitate and went shopping and here is what I bought.

So I went to Boots and purchased my shampoo and conditioner. I am really loving VO5, they are very good for my hair and excellent when I dye it. 

Also from Boots I purchased. Soap and Glory Eyebrow Pencil in Hot Chocolate £8.00. VO5 Nourish Hair Mist £3.99. Barry M Kohl Eye Pencil in Black and Blue, both at £2.99.

I also went on Amazon and purchased some books. The Summer Series and the Burn Series by Jenny Han. I also purchased another book but the parcel arrived after I snapped these. The book was Born Wild by Julie Ann Walker *romance novel. Shh* 

I took a trip to Claire's accessories and purchased some headbands and a cute panda dust plug.The Panda Dust Plug was £3.50 while the headbands were around £3-£5 each.

After Claire's I went into Clinton's and purchased some Yankee Candles. I purchased Amber Moon in a Medium Jar £15.71, Black Coconut in a Medium Jar £15.71 a…

Snack Time!!

Asian Snacks!! 
I love Asian snacks, this is my childhood in front of me. 
Asian snacks will always be a my favorite thing to eat as they are yummy and they never leave the house *because they are in my stomach. Guilty*
So I am going to talk about the some of the Asian snacks that I have had throughout my life.
No. 1 Choco Pie

A biscuit with marshmallow in the middle.

This is the most yummiest snack ever, It is two soft biscuits with a layer of marshmallow in the middle and covered in chocolate. There are six in a box which is perfect for school lunches. 
No.2 Hello Panda

Hello Panda biscuits are the best. They are mini biscuits with chocolate filling, they also have a panda print on the outer shell and they are cute *Asians like Pandas*.
No 3. Thai Crispy Rolls

These are the most addictive Asian snack I have come across. This is a long rolled up biscuit with blacks seed on the outer circle and truly the yummiest crispy rolls ever. I love these too much and I seem to keep thinking about them be…

To All the Boys I've Loved Before By Jenny Han

I totally loved this book, this book is so light-hearted, funny and sweet all into one. 

This book totally captured my attention in the bookshop. The story of how a girl, Lara Jean, wrote letters to boys that she ever had crushes on throughout her life have suddenly been sent out and the boy she likes notices her and everything is turning upside down. 

Lara Jean is the middle sister of the Song sisters, her big sister Margot is about to leave to Scotland for college leaving Lara Jean taking over the mother role. Their mother died before the girls became teenagers and Margot stepped in. Margot also has a boyfriend who Lara also has a crush on, but Margot breaks up with him due to the fact that she is going away. When Lara discovers that the letters have been sent, she tells Josh *Margots ex-boyfriend* that she is dating someone else. Lara asks a guy from her year Peter *who also received a letter by her* to pretend to be her boyfriend and he agrees. 

Peter is a cheeky guy who totally resp…

The Truth About Forever By Sarah Dessen

So a couple of post ago, I wrote a review for Just Listen. This book, The Truth About Forever is by the same author Sarah Dessen.

This story follows Macy, who was a terrific runner at school until she quit running after her Dad's passing. After that Macy focused mostly on her studies and never talked about it. Her boyfriend goes off to Brain Camp *a very odd name for camp* while she takes over his job at the Library during the summer, with the struggle of communication at work. She tells her boyfriend about it and also slips out that she loves him, only to be rejected.

Macy discovers a catering company called WISH after they catered at an event her mother organised. She then applies for a job and succeeds. She then meets the rest of the catering family including an artist, Wes who wields metal and other old used metals to make sculptures. Macy is starting to get back to who she was before until her mother disagrees on her job and her relationship with Wes. Macy still struggles wit…